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It’s Thanksgiving, i.e. sure sign of winter.

Just took a snapshot out my west window. Looks cold, although it’s just 32 degrees and windy. This is part of our cow/calf herd with the tops of our greenhouses in the background below
Just a couple weeks ago, the ground was still green, and now we’re feeding hay.
I was just thinking what it takes to bring delicious grass/forage finished beef to our customer’s tables. Did you know it takes 3 years from conception to an actual steak on the table? The young cows (heifers) in that herd pictured have been 3 years in the making as well. By the time we get a harvestable beef from them it will be 2 more years–making a total of 5 years. As you all know, alot can happen in 5 years.
Next time you go to the freezer and pull out a pound of burger for a quick meal, remember that it was 5 years in the making. Slow down, enjoy your meal, enjoy the company, and give thanks for all the elements that have come together in your behalf.
Happy Thanksgiving!

What’s Going on with Beef Prices????

So you’ve been to the store and/or seen the stories on your favorite media sources. Beef prices are up. Why? The national cow herd is the smallest in the past 60 years and demand (including export demand) for beef is steady. Costs of production are rising. Feed, pasture, labor, fuel, taxes, butchering costs are all up. Alternative meat sources are also more expensive. Hog prices are up because of scarcity of hogs due to disease. Chicken prices are also up.
What’s a consumer supposed to do? You will have to answer that for your own situation.
BUT….be aware of what you are eating. The meat suppliers and processors are getting squeezed too.
1) Packages are being downsized and the price stays the same, such as smaller hot dogs in a pack, or 14 ounces instead of 16 ounces. These kind of changes are shown on the fine print of the label.
2) Cellulose filler is used to extend the hamburger. McDonalds and Burger King are doing this.
3) Water and/or fat are added as weight extenders. Notice the frying pan after you cook a pound of ground beef.
4) Feedlots are using cheaper feeds such as manufacturing byproducts or weather damaged grains.
5) Hormone and antibiotic use in feedlots continues.
All of this is done in an attempt to mask real cost of production increases. The big food companies know we don’t want to spend more on food, so they become adept at hiding this reality from us.
At our farm and ranch, we don’t try to fool you. IN fact we strive to be truly transparent in what we’re doing. We eat this food too, and it is important to us to do the best job possible. You’re welcome to visit anytime. Appointments are appreciated, however for scheduling purposes.

Brady’s Plant Ranch on TV

We got to do a live TV shoot at our new greenhouse expansion this spring. If you like video, its cool. Here is the link:

Brady’s in the News

Early this summer, I got to do an interview with Capital Press’ Ag Weekly. It shows and tells some of what we do in the spring. You’ll enjoy–its a quick read:

Teaching at BYU-Idaho

BYUI Class 002
Karen and I had a very cool opportunity yesterday to make a presentation to a class of Horticulture students at BYU-I. Most were upper level students looking at internship and career possibilities. It was alot of fun. We were very impressed with the students and faculty and appreciated their invitation for us to come and share some of our experiences with them. They seemed very appreciative of our presentation. We do some things a little differently than many and we had a few pictures to show them. Because we try to engage all the senses when bringing guests into our business, we sampled our beef jerky. The students gave our Terriaki jerky a thumbs up.
Many thanks to all the staff and students for a great lunch, presentation time, questions, and interviews. We really enjoyed our day there.

New Product!!!

We’ve just added a new product: Grass Fed Beef Jerky! We’ve been working on this for a long time and finally gotten it to reality. It is made from our own beef in a USDA inspected and certified plant. We have worked to get the minimum amount of additives so that we have a clean, healthy product. The Original flavor is the most natural. The Terriyaki flavoring has some components that are not quite as natural, but that seems to be a popular flavoring that we thought we ought to offer in our trial run. We have eliminated chemically added nitrites in both flavors. You can order here on our website
Unlike our fresh and frozen beef, we can ship this product anywhere. So, if you need a gift for your “Paleo” diet eaters, campers, hikers, or just your jerky loving friends, we can deliver. Thanks for trying it out.

Speaking of Health Care, do you trust the government with your Food?

The USDA has made a unilateral decision that further reduces the integrity of the Organic label. You can read about it here
Without any consumer input or fanfare of any kind, the USDA has reserved to itself the authority to decide if a synthetic input is allowable in your food and still carry the “Organic” label. Here at Brady’s Beef and Brady’s Plant Ranch, we have long felt that the government organic certification process had severe flaws and potential for deceit and corruption. It does not foster “transparency”, but rather the opposite by hiding practices behind the “Organic” label. The recent move by USDA is proof. As always, the best way to know what’s in your food is to know and trust the people who grow it.
We appreciate and value your trust in us. We will gladly talk to you about our production practices and you are always welcome to visit our farm and greenhouses.

How does Grass Fed Taste?

Just saw a post that might interest you regarding flavor of grass fed beef. It comes from a Nebraska feedlot operator family. Also explains how much longer it takes to raise a grass fed animal and why it costs more.

Pink Slime?

You’ve undoubtedly heard the recent news regarding the “pink slime” found in industrial hamburger and the resulting decision of some of the big grocery chains to not sell it anymore. They are a little slow on the uptake. Note my previous post regarding McDonald’s ban on this stuff some months ago. This substance more properly called “lean, finely textured beef,” is basically poor quality trim (possibly dirty or contaminated) treated with ammonia to kill bacteria and mixed in with the real ground beef. It is the result of our collective cry for cheap food. We, as an American Society in general, are responsible for these disgusting industrial, adulterated food products. My thanks to you, my customers, and regular blog readers for opting out of this system.
Our butcher does not add this slime to our ground beef. I have watched them process beef, and it is a clean operation. We start with the best grass finished beef, have it processed right, and deliver it straight to you, our customers. Check out the blog post below to see some of the processing photos.
The FDA and the USDA do not have your (the consumer) best interests at heart. Believe me on this. If you don’t believe me, do your own research. And above all, get your food from a trusted, LOCAL source.
Again, thank you to our loyal customers.

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