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Pink Slime?

You’ve undoubtedly heard the recent news regarding the “pink slime” found in industrial hamburger and the resulting decision of some of the big grocery chains to not sell it anymore. They are a little slow on the uptake. Note my previous post regarding McDonald’s ban on this stuff some months ago. This substance more properly called “lean, finely textured beef,” is basically poor quality trim (possibly dirty or contaminated) treated with ammonia to kill bacteria and mixed in with the real ground beef. It is the result of our collective cry for cheap food. We, as an American Society in general, are responsible for these disgusting industrial, adulterated food products. My thanks to you, my customers, and regular blog readers for opting out of this system.
Our butcher does not add this slime to our ground beef. I have watched them process beef, and it is a clean operation. We start with the best grass finished beef, have it processed right, and deliver it straight to you, our customers. Check out the blog post below to see some of the processing photos.
The FDA and the USDA do not have your (the consumer) best interests at heart. Believe me on this. If you don’t believe me, do your own research. And above all, get your food from a trusted, LOCAL source.
Again, thank you to our loyal customers.

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  1. Jessilyn Warr posted on January 3, 2013:

    Oh Thank Goodness for you all!!! I have live in Rexburg off and on for about 6 years and, with the exception that I haven’t looked around a whole, whole lot but I am grateful for your business and for having clean meat!!

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